With ROI-laden, permission-based email at our core, Octane combines enriched consumer data with proprietary inbox delivery technologies and social media integration to drive maximum digital engagement. With over 200 Million qualified consumers ready to hear what you have to say, Octane creates a multi-channel spotlight around your target audience.


Data Precision

100% opted-in, permission-based,
CAN-SPAM compliant, trusted data with over 350+ behavioral, demographic, and psychographic select criteria of 200 Million B2B and consumer profiles


Transparent Live Reporting

Real-time analytics, delivering a rich matrix of campaign measurements so you can measure success at every turn; including “click/open” breakdown by browser, ISP, platform, and city

Proprietary Technologies

Our team of engineers, partners, and data experts have created a unique relational database, leveraging proprietary inbox delivery technologies and social media integration.

Direct-To-Device Targeting

This IP-based retargeting technology follows email “opens” to all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), allowing us to pre/re-target users across all devices, and not just the one they used to respond to the email campaign


Creative Support

After many years and thousands of campaigns, we know what HTML designs and calls-to-action perform best. Our team works closely with you or your agency to craft content that maximizes open and click rates

Strategic Campaign Management

We take all the conjecture and uncertainty out of your coordinated digital campaigns, leveraging each digital spoke to effectively surround your target audience, driving maximum engagement


The challenge of reaching your targeted audience increases with each new digital click. Brand engagement must be orchestrated across multiple channels with coordinated delivery, assuring your message is being heard.

The foundation of digital performance rests within the accuracy of the profile data. Over the past nine years, Octane and our partners have built one of the most impressive conquest relational consumer and business databases in the industry.

Daily hygiene and data enrichments assure that your message is surrounding your focused consumer/business profile.


Set the stage for your brand messaging everywhere your audience is. Pre-targeted banner ads are served direct-to-device (desktop, mobile, tablet) on the web AND social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).


No matter the degree of digital distraction, email is still the strongest response channel. Octane emails are guaranteed to be delivered to your focused audience’s inbox, never in the spam or junk folder.


Reinforce your message by retargeting to responders who have opened/clicked your email – or the entire email audience – with an additional email, direct mail, or direct-to-device banner ads. Frequency and relevance has proven to increase response.


Our proprietary Matchback Analysis will identify email respondents who match your sales/response files. The resulting reports will deliver accurate ROI and help fine tune your next campaign. Octane’s goal is all about tangible results.

Advanced Analytics

At Octane, transparency is key. Our reporting directly reflects the engagement of your campaign, including the ability to see the zip codes in which your money is best spent and which links were the most popular, and that’s for starters.

Case Studies

Top 10 business school increases info session attendance by 1,090%

This prestigious Top 10 University Business School hosts on-campus information sessions for prospective students of their MBA and specialized business Master’s programs. Utilizing existing marketing tactics, they average about 20 people per session.


Increase number of attendees.


Add micro-targeted outbound email to their existing marketing mix to increase engagement and response.


Identified 37,194 pre-qualified email recipients within 50 miles of campus, all of whom identified as graduate students interested in a Master’s Degree.


238 prospective students showed up for the information session, which is a 1,090% increase.

Auto group drives a 19.8% Matchback/Sales ROI Rate

The auto market in Northern VA had become very competitive, and this dealership network needed to make sure their advertising investments were reaching motivated buyers in a timely manner.


Be the first to reach the qualified auto buyer.


Develop a profile of buyer characteristics, and coordinate email broadcasts to leverage all the Auto groups other media/advertising investments.


A targeted profile was identified of auto intenders, Age 30-55, HHI $125k+, within a 20 mile radius of each dealership. Progressive crafted emails were broadcasted once per week, over a month-long campaign period.


19.78% Average Open Rate, 2.08% Click-Through Rate, and 19.09% Matchback Sales/ROI Rate.

15.4% increased enrollment in a 30 day campaign period

Private academy needed to increase awareness and enrollments during a weakened economy and increased competition.


To match recent enrollment growth of a defined profile of home school families with Christian values, directed to two key markets of Virginia and North Carolina.


Develop a two-tier email campaign, with an additional broadcast to all the “opened” email responders.


Creative refinement of unique HTML’s for each broadcast, along with the addition of campaign specific pre-text email headers.


15.4% Match/Enrollment Rate, 27.46% Open Rate, 2.08% Click-Through-Rate.



Commitment, innovation, proficiency and insight. These are just a few of the decisive ingredients that drive Octane. For 10 years our management team and partners have built a living,  breathing email database that gets smarter every day. Accuracy and efficacy are the driving force behind our exclusive consumer data.

There’s no question that competing in today’s digital marketplace requires powerful data, ensuring that you reach the right audience who cares about what you have to say. Our precise profile data leverages email and banner advertising to help our clients exceed their digital advertising expectations.

Our longstanding client relationships are proof positive of our effectiveness. Because without measurable results and positive ROI, we wouldn’t have been around this long.

Shouldn’t your data be Premium Grade Fuel?

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