Unlike most other data providers, our source data is neither compiled nor purchased.
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Behavioral Targeting

With over 800 select criteria, precision is our middle name.
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Micro Surveys

We make data stronger with surveys that enhance your targeted request.
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Pristine Hygiene

Meets any white glove test.
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How does it work?
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Multi Channel

Not hedging your bets is a risky gamble.
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It's one thing to create content that both addresses business objectives AND persuasively imparts product benefit. It's quite another to make sure you're knocking on the right doors. A few marketing veterans — with experience in strategy, content creation and behavioral science — decided it was time for a better fuel source (also known as 'rich data') to drive their efforts and better reach their audience. The result is uncommon, high-octane power.

Ron Sachs, Marketing Strategy

Sales and marketing strategist for over 30 years, Ron has always held that the best business decisions come from a place where brilliant thinking and powerful data meet. In fact, his career began as a key member of the task force that developed the first national, 24 hour delivered electronic mail service: Western Union's Mailgram. Can you say "pioneer?"

Ron has an exemplary track record of leadership success within direct marketing and Internet companies, achieving multi-million dollar sales revenues and new market growth. His knowledge of data and its integral role in effective marketing has led to the birth of Octane.

Rusty Wright, Brand Articulation

An agency veteran of direct-response and brand articulation, Rusty is one of the most left-brained creative directors in the industry. Naturally his architecture background (not to mention his calculus-adept thinking) has led him to scrutinize the inner workings of the entire creative process, resulting in a more methodical and cerebral end product.

With a highly-segmented method to marketing communications, Rusty looks to understand even the most intimate details of his audience. Octane solves the problem of the lowest-common-denominator approach, allowing more relevance and context in all of Rusty's creative solutions.